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EMI Taiwan

Churches~ It's How We Love Our Cities 

We have a mission to build new, unique, and vibrant churches throughout Taiwan in order to give everyone the opportunity to explore, experience, and express God's, inclusive love.


If you are curious about Christianity, bring your questions to an EMI church and we'll explore Christianity together. 

If you have been rejected because of your identity or whom you love, at an EMI church we invite you to experience acceptance from a God who accepts you unconditionally.

If you desire to make a difference in this world, together we can discover and achieve the destiny that God has prepared for you.

Are you ready to check us out?

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EMI Global Mission

Encounter Missions International

EMI Taiwan is a division of EMI Global.  EMI (Encounter Missions International) is an international organization founded in 2000.

Our mission is to provide inclusive churches that welcome LGBT and others who feel excluded from God's love. We believe that the church is where you can discover a God who loves you, belong to a people that accept you, and a place where you can pursue and achieve your life purpose. 

EMI is currently active in Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, and the United States.

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